Leo F. Bachman

Architect: Leo F. Bachman

Leo F. Bachman was born in South Dakota in 1902. He attended USC from 1922-23, after studying at the University of Michigan. He became a licensed architect with an office at 3142 Wilshire Blvd. He was an active member of the Wilshire Methodist Episcopal Church.

William Mellenthin and Leo Bachman worked together for many years — building homes in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Leo also trained draftsman, Frank S. Hickman (at Frank Wiggins Trade Tech), who worked with Mellenthin until the end of his career. Together the three men designed and built thousands of homes in a variety of architectural styles.

Bachman’s work has been recognized in various homebuilding magazines. When asked what style he liked best, his answer was frank, “I don’t know. I have done a great deal of pioneering in Monterey farm homes, especially for use in small homes. Many architects avoid this field, but I have found it most interesting and profitable. I have designed homes from ancient Spanish to the most extreme modern, done in up-to-date concrete blocks. I have also worked with adobe. How can I tell which I like best. I enjoy them all.”